In great frustration, you have probably asked
this very question many times.

Helen Smith of Atlanta Georgia asked… "Will this pain ever go away?"
Jessie Chen asked… "Can this Chronic pain be cured?"
Shirley Morgan asked… "Is This forever?"

Dick Reynolds asks the most wrenching question of all…
"I am on 4 different meds to control the pain and it is still intolerable.
Will this pain ever get better?"

Regardless of the form of the question, the over riding thought on your mind is…
“I can’t go on like this. I need to do something different!”

And like Gigi Fortis Smith you ask…
  “Is there any hope that I can get better?”



I’ll tell you about that in a minute, but first…

Let’s find out what Metta Zetty of Texas had to say:

Matty Zetty"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you, Dr. Berkel, for all your time and help on the phone last week.

I appreciate your initiative in calling me in response to my email inquiries, and am deeply grateful for your supportive feedback and recommendations. The information you shared in our call, through your E-Book and on your web site has been invaluable in helping me navigate my way through the challenge of Post Herpetic Neuralgia – and the Painbreak®  has been an absolute life saver. In fact, I’m not sure how I could manage without it at this point.

In this light, I wanted to acknowledge and express my appreciation for your dedication to providing support and pain relief for those of us dealing with Post Herpetic Neuralgia. Your work is invaluable – and I am indebted to you for your kindness and accessibility.

With grateful appreciation and respect,"

Metta Zetty

This book will not only give you a better way of managing Post Herpetic Neuralgia,
but will also give you confidence and hope if you suffer from this scourge or
Compassion and a sound direction if you are a Care-Giver!

The Book?

Post Herpetic Neuralgia Book Image

Don’t Despair…

There is HOPE!!!

So when Gigi Fortis Smith Asked.

“Is There Any Hope That I Can Get Better?”

The answer is a resounding Yes!

But now your next question is…

How Long Will The Post herpetic Neuralgia Last?

Frederick Gerstein asked… “I have read that the symptoms can last for years and I fear it can last a lifetime, is that true?”

Eric McKintosh asks… “When does it stop?”

But the most profound question was asked by Dodie Gann…

"How Can I Get rid of It?"

Since 1997 I have helped post herpetic neuralgia sufferers not only improve their quality of life, but many have gone on to become “pain-free.”

Yes, many are getting relief who never thought they could.

Now Its’ Your Turn!

To start you on that journey I am going to give you a number of tools as well as a lot of helpful information, but only if you request them.

Considering the following 2 facts:

Fact #1: Most Post Herpetic Neuralgia sufferers are not getting timely nor meaningful answers from their health practitioners. They are at their wit’s end. Are you?

Fact #2: 85% of my visitors have already spent far too much time, money, energy and effort trying to get relief and trying to get off those medicines that are causing them such terrible side effects and anxiety. Is this your experience too?

Here are 7 important questions you must ask yourself. You should not rest until you have the answers:

To see whether or not what this book reveals will apply to you, ask yourself these 7 questions:

Question #1: Have you ever been told what causes post herpetic neuralgia? Do you think it is important to find out? Your doctor can’t help you fix the problem until you find out the cause.

Question #2: Do you have control of your situation, or do you sometimes feel like things are spiraling out of control?

Question #3: Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like to have your old self back? What it would be like to be pain-free again? What it would be like to be normal again?

Question #4: Do you sometimes wish that you had specific guidelines to steer you in the right direction?

Question #5: Are you aware that you can greatly improve your condition by integrating alternative approaches with your conventional treatments, and gradually reduce those conventional treatments?

Question #6: Have you ever been told about the effects microorganisms have on your post herpetic neuralgia and what you should be doing to eradicate them from your body once and for all?

Question #7: Is anyone helping you develop the right mind set and create the right habits that are so vital in you …

“Getting Well Again?”

There is a way out of this nightmare, and this book will help you find it!

Yes. “Post Herpetic Neuralgia – A New Approach to Getting Well Again” will not only give you new insights, but also a step-by-step plan that you can get started in the right way, and it is written in language that you can easily understand.

“This book covers material that has been lacking and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You did a great job in putting complex material in terms that everyone can understand.”
--Alana Greca, RN, BSN
A Neuropathic Pain Sufferer - Reviewer of the  pre-publication copy

Now you may be saying to yourself, is there something I can do right now? Are there any timely tips you can give me that I can start using right away? Yes there are, and you will find them in the BONUS below. Take a moment now to send for it.

What Every Post Herpetic Neuralgia Sufferer Ought to Know.

BONUS: Here are E-mailed reports to get you started now while waiting for your book to arrive. Find out how to manage your pain, get a good night’s sleep and set up a sound nutritional program. Send for your complementary reports Now!

Note: I hate spam! I won't share, show, rent, or sell your email address or information with any unauthorized third party, ever

For those of you with Post Herpetic Neuralgia
who are serious about
"Getting Well Again..."

Let me tell you about my new book. Reading this book is just like having your own personal counselor or coach, by your side every step of the way.

Since 1998, co-author Rohn Harmer has been actively involved in the day-to-day management of the Trigeminal Neuralgia’s Foundation Tampa Bay Support Group. Many clients with post herpetic neuralgia of the face are members of his support group.

Since 1997, I have helped thousands of post herpetic neuralgia patients find relief and improve their quality of life.

Together we have poured our expertise into the book…

“Post Herpetic Neuralgia – A New Approach To Getting Well Again”

For your benefit.

Because of this “new” approach, you will find out that:

"Many are getting relief, who never thought they could… Now it’s your turn!"

…because the information in this book has put many Post Herpetic Neuralgia sufferers on the road to getting well again, it is just the information you’ve been looking for. Haven't you been looking long enough? Don’t let another day go by! Get started on the road to wellness now

Let me make you a BOLD promise

When you are finished reading this book, you will have a comprehensive approach to managing post herpetic neuralgia that will give you confidence and hope…

If you suffer from post herpetic neuralgia or

Compassion and a sound direction, if you are a caregiver.

This comprehensive approach encompasses body, mind and spirit. It is an approach that will complement conventional medicine with a sound nutritional foundation, a fundamental change in habits and outlook on life, an incorporation and practical use of the energies that surround us, and a firm faith in the Divine Power to heal.

"… but it far exceeded my expectations
. I think it’s fabulous"

“I am thrilled with the book. I must admit I was more intrigued by the book and pulled into it than I thought I would be. I know you put a lot of time and thought into it but it far exceeded my expectations. I think it’s fabulous!”

Shelley Wilson
Past Board Member, Conference Chairperson and Support Group Leader and Neuropathic Pain Sufferer – Pre Publication Review

Just imagine what a blessing it will be to have all of this knowledge, at your fingertips.

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My Promise to You

Guarantee Image I have a very simple promise to make to you. If "Post Herpetic Neuralgia – A New Approach to Getting Well Again" is not everything I've said it is, and if it doesn't for any reason give you new insight, new hope and new determination to work towards getting well again, you can ask for a full and complete refund.

You've got 90 days to think about it, from the date you receive your book. That should give you plenty of time to experience the benefits of the book and some of the invaluable bonus material as well.


I hope you think so, because I've been told it's more than fair. You never get such a guarantee from Amazon or any other book seller.

If you honestly believe you’re not learning, you get your money back. Simple as that.


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